5 Pillars of Support

In December 2014, To ensure the Library’s continued viability, in December 2014, the Board of Trustees of The Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls commissioned Optimal Performance by Design, LLC to guide it in the creation of a comprehensive plan for action.  This plan is comprised of five “pillars” of support:

  • PILLAR I:  Governance and Administration:
    To establish responsible governance and administration of the Library by instituting effective policies and practices.  The Pillar’s focus is the review existing policies and [practices, update and/or revise them where necessary, and to create and implement new policies and practices as needed to properly address the Library’s ever-changing needs.
  •  PILLAR II:  Programs and Services: 
    To assist all learners by providing relevant, dynamic, technology-appropriate programs and services delivered on site and through outreach by skilled staff that fosters personal and professional growth. This Pillar’s focus is the ongoing review of existing programs and services, to update an/or revise them when necessary, and constantly search for new ways to meet the needs of the region’s population.
  •  PILLAR III: Fiscal Sustainability and Resource Acquisition: 
    To ensure fiscal sustainability through the prudent development and oversight of the operating budget and the acquisition of outside resources.  This Pillar’s focus is the financial planning and budget preparation, so that appropriate fundraising activity can be conducted to meet the Library’s ongoing and future needs.
  •  PILLAR IV:  Building, Environment and Security:
    To create a safe environment that is welcoming, accessible and aesthetically pleasing through the respectful restoration of the existing Nationally Registered Historical Library.  This Pillar’s focus is the recognition of, and response to the ongoing physical needs of this 100+ year old building as well as how to best use the Library’s total available space to provide benefit to and support the needs of the region’s population.
  • PILLAR V:  Communication and Collaboration: 
    To effectively convey the Library’s Vision and Mission to the community and stakeholders through a Comprehensive Communication Plan that presents and markets the Library’s programs and services.  This Pillar’s focus will be on the development of materials to communicate with the community at large about what is happening at the Library and how its programs and services provide benefit to the entire region.

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