About Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls, originally called Brighton, was large acreage that was passed through four ownerships, beginning in 1792, until it was sold to the Harmony Society in 1866.  It acquired a borough status two years later.  Beaver Falls is a very large area, and was actually broken up into two school districts in the 1970’s: Big Beaver Falls Area School District and Blackhawk School District.

Downtown Beaver Falls was at one time known as “Little Pittsburgh”.  It was a shopping and business destination while also offering many transportation options (railroad, highway, canal, trolley).  Like many western Pennsylvania towns and cities, it has seen a population loss and economic decline since the mid-twentieth century.  The area still, however, boasts attractions such as historical buildings, businesses, and even one of the largest classic car cruises in the area. In fact, in recent years, the community has enjoyed a number of revitalization efforts.  Many of these efforts have been led by nonprofit organizations, with a focus on beautification and social services.

CFLBF & Beaver Falls

The Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls (CFLBF) is actively participating in this city’s revival with programming and services that align with the community’s needs. CFLBF takes great pride in its home community and is always looking to partner with other community organizations in order to improve service to the Beaver Falls community. the library is particularly proud of its partnerships with Geneva College and TRAILS Ministries:

  • Geneva College, a Christian liberal arts college, made its roots on College Hill in 1880.  Geneva College occasionally collaborates with Carnegie Free on library maintenance tasks and programming.
  • TRAILS Ministries is local, faith-based ministry group that assists families impacted by incarceration.  Year-round, children of TRAILS visit CFLBF for after-school programming which aligns with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) educational efforts.

Interested in partnering with the library? We welcome volunteers and partners! Learn more about how you can get involved.